The 22nd Conference of Japan Academy of MaxilloFacial Implants

Instruction for Chairpersons and Speakers

PPIS Sessions: Instruction for Chairpersons and Speakers

All speakers are requested to make their presentation material in English.
Annual Meeting of Pan-pacific Implant Society is presented and discussed in English.

For Chairpersons

  1. All chairpersons are requested to be seated on the Next Chairpersons Seat in the lecture room, no later than 15 prior to the session starts.
  2. Session composition is to be controlled by the Chairpersons. Chairpersons are asked to ensure all sessions start and finish punctually as scheduled. Additional remarks, discussions and proceedings will be left entirely up to chairpersons’ decisions.
  3. In case that the previous session finished earlier than scheduled, please wait to commence your session until the scheduled time comes.

For Speakers

  1. The presentation schedule is informed by the secretariat prior to the meeting. All speakers are asked to keep to the allocated presentation time.
  2. Only computer presentations will be available for the oral No slides or OHP shall be used. Please prepare presentation data in English.
  3. The 2nd slide should be the COI disclosure in your See the details on the annual meeting website.
  4. Audio-Visual Materials
    1) Please save your data either in CD-R or USB memory device and deliver it to the PC Windows is the only operating system available for the presentations. If you have prepared the presentation data on a Macintosh, you are required to bring your own PC. For those wishing to show a movie, please bring your own personal computer. You are also required to make sure to check that your data has not been infected by any virus in advance by using the latest version of the security software.
    2) Please review your data at the PC Center, and check whether all the data are shown properly.
    3) Even if you use your own PC, you are required to check your presentation data at the PC Center and bring your PC to the operation desk in the session room 30 prior to the session starts. Following the conclusion of your session, we will return your PC at the operation desk. Please come to the operation desk promptly to claim your PC.
    4) If you need any assistance with the set-up, please do not hesitate to ask for the assistance at the PC Center.
    5) When you are next one in line to give your presentation, please be seated on the Next Speakers Seat.
  5. Speakers are requested to present their data at least 60 min prior to their presentation starts.

        Guidelines for Computer Presentations


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